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94th Annual National Convention Recap


Honors to you all who participated in our 94th Annual National Convention. As we embark on this next fiscal year we want you all know that you are all in our prayers and hope for much progress in your everyday life. Special thanks to Peter Moon, National Grand Sheik J.  Bratton-Bey,   Ro Davis and the BOP Center Staff, Essential Asiatic, Moor Hemp World, and all: Official Staff, Members, Participants, Well Wishers, and Supporters of the MOORISH SCIENCE  TEMPLE OF AMERICA 94th Annual Convention. 

Now that convention is over until next year our year long endeavor begins with the 25 Families Initiative. Fill out your form below to start your journey!



Email Address*

Phone Number*

Membership Identification Number*

Have you started your online dispute?*

If yes, have you begin mailing your letters that are located within the Credit Restoration Group within Mighty Networks?*

Do you need assistance with the Credit Restoration Process?*

Do you agree to provide Moorish Science Temple of America with 10% of what you receive back from the Credit Restoration Process?*

Have you started your New Members Learning Academy Modules Week 1 and completed the assignments?*

Are you willing to be assigned a Accountability Family who will assist you and you will in turn assist them with completing assignments?*

Have you obtained your certificate of live birth records for you and your family members to authenticate them?*

Do you agree that you are signing this contract without coercion or duress under your own will?*

Are you ready to begin this new journey?*

Sign and Date*

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