The Moorish American Moslem National and Religious Head Dress


The Fez (Fig No.1) is the First wonder of the World, the House of the Law. The Fez represents a Pyramid without a capstone; it is a storehouse of knowledge. The Fez is the extension of a man who knows himself thus making a man complete. The Fez is the National Headdress of the Asiatic Moorish Nation of North, South and Central Americas, including the adjoin Islands. Each member that enters into our faith and accepts both our divine creed and our nationality, one must also learn the depth of our Moorish head wear as well as learn why we wear both the Fez and Turbans, what does it mean, how do we protect it, and when do we wear them. The Fez is our crown of glory. It’s the ultimate representation of both nation and Religious relationships between our Father, God-Allah and man. The Fez is also part of our Religious Expression, and it is protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America. Under no circumstances are we to remove our Fez. The Fez is also a birthright for the male Moorish American Moslem.

-History of The Fez-

The Fez gets its name from the first Moorish Capital of the Moorish Empire in those days of our ancient forefathers who received permission from the Pharaohs of Egypt in those days thus it represents a Kingdom. It was and still is the original first Religious Headdress as well as representing a higher standard of educational growth. It also means that we, the Moorish Americans are the keepers of the Egyptian mystery system and thus it represents the second capital of the Dominion of Amexem. Some European’s and unconscious Asiatics define the Fez as a Hat, Hat derives from the word “Hate”. We suggest to anyone referring to this Free National Headdress (a standard) for the Moorish American Moslems, as it being a “Fez”. Our forefathers had a monopoly on the Fez production for it was stated that the dye which produced the particular dull crimson hue couldn’t be obtained from anywhere else in the world. The dye was extracted from the juice of a small berry which grows in large quantities in Fez, Morocco.

-Science of The Fez-

It’s literary symbolic of power, authority, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. It represents the seen and unseen, “as above so below”. When one views the Fez from the inside, one sees circles of 360 degrees. This is the unseen. Viewing it from the outside, one sees only 2 circles. This is the seen. One circle is the opening where man places the crown upon his head and the other circle is the one seen from a distance representing the manifest. The unseen is the spiritual side that rules the physical, the seen is the manifested.

The Fez represents a model of the universe which can be seen upon close viewing of the top of the fez. Here, one will see the whole universe spread out in a spiritual and symbolic view. You will see the throne chair of the Creator God Allah, and the thin cord that leads from Allah’s heart (throne) that leads across the vastness of the universe which is represented by the four round spheres. Each sphere represents a quarter or 90 degrees of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the universe. Each circle sits a master spirit whom rules in Allah’s holy name. Reaching down to the ball at the end of a short cord represents those Angelic beings that carry messages that touch the cords of manifest life. Each cord represents the laws of Allah that man has to live by and in some cases the battles that he has fought. The tassel should be 12 inches long. This represents the ruler, times 2 equals the 24 elders that sit around the throne chair of the spirit of Allah that walks the earthland and heart of man. Each inch represents more than 1000 years in the science of an age which is 2500 years. Thus, this represents the fact that multitude of ages man must tarry upon each plane of existence (manifest and soul). The Tassel then falls downward beyond the shoulder to the heart of man. This demonstrates the 3 step ladder, known as salvation. The first step is belief, the second faith and the last is fruition. The tassel represents the law and he who wears it is recognized as a law man, a wise man, a man of God-Allah. The Fez on the head of a Moorish American Moslem demonstrates a universal lawman.

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See Hurd's Rev. Stat., Chap. 32  § 46     *Or appointed      † Or Wardens, vestrymen, or whatever name they may adopt.